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Combo set, MMO anode and Titanium Cathode

This is a set of electrodes. One MMO anode and one titanium cathode. These are great for a variety of uses: all kinds of electrolysis, chlorinating your pool, chlorate cells, etc.. The expanded titanium MMO coated anode is 2 inches by 6 inches. The c.p. grade titanium cathode is also 2 inches by 6 inches. You can choose between a solid plate titanium cathode or a mesh titanium cathode. The mmo mesh is 1/16 inch thick, and the titanium anode is about 1mm thick.  

These are quality electrodes and will last for a long time if you don't damage them (eg - send too much current through them). The coating on the mmo anode is a iridium-ruthenium coating.

The titanium mesh cathode is currently out of stock. The only cathode avaliable is the solid titanium cathode shown in the left picture.

Combo, MMO mesh anode and Titanium solid plate cathode- 2" by 6" - $28 + $5 shipping..............................

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Image description