The Amateur Chemist


In this section, I will place some usefull links that I know off. These will include other chemistry websites, youtube channels, and even some suppliers for chemicals and laboratory glassware.

Chemistry Websites

A great website that mostly deals with chemistry, although some physics and math are done as well.  These experiments are a little bit more advanced, and should be performed only by someone with some knowledge in chemistry.  A really great website.

A really great science forum. It is probably the best one on the web right now. It mostly deals with chemistry, although there are sections for other topics. They have some REALLY smart members who are able to answer just about any question you have.  There is also almost always a member who is selling some lab equipment or chemicals, usually for extremely cheap prices. 

Look for a member called Dr. Bob, or a member called edgecase. They both sell glassware for very cheap prices. I once got very good quality pyrex glass from Dr. Bob. I got a 500ml Filter Flask, a 50ml, 100ml, 500ml 24/40 glass boiling flask, 2 oval magnetic stir bars, a 75 ml Buchner funnel, a simple curved adapter 24/40 and straight vacuum adapter, 3 2000 ml 24/40 pyrex round bottom boiling flasks. 2 large 3 prong clamp, 1 24/40 pyrex Erlenmeyer Flask, a 1000ml glass Graduated Cylinder w/ pour spout, a 24/40 thermometer adapter, a 5" Mortar and Pestle,  3 24/40 glass stoppers, a 1000ml 24/40 3 necked round bottom flask.  I got all of this for around $150. That's crazy. Most of it was in brand new condition, and if I had gotten all of this somewhere else it probably would have set me back $400-500 minimum. I also got around $100 in glassware from edgecase for just as good of a deal.

Awesome Chemistry Youtube Channels 

Nurdrage - the best chemistry channel on YouTube

myst32YT - really great also. Does a lot of Organic Chem.

hkparker - Very good as well.

ReactionFactory - Does a lot of more dangerous, but still awesome chem experiments.

ScienceHideout - Does some really cool experiments and even shows some basic lab techniques and how to use some basic glassware.

TheChemLife - really cool as well.

UC235 - does mostly complex organic chemistry experiments.  Really cool channel.

zhmapper - has some really good synthesis's of some chemicals. Check out his video on making Nitric acid.

toothpick93 - some very good chemistry. Some more pyro themed than others.

655piano - really good channel, with LOTS of experiments.

98JMA - has only a few videos, but they are fairly interesting.

AMchemistry - just started a while ago, but already has a lot of experiments. As of now, he is uploading a video about every week or so.

Basco36 - has a lot of good videos. A lot of them are pyrotechnic themed.

chemx01 - some complex organic chemistry experiments.

mabakken - does a lot of cool chemistry as well.

MonsieurChemistry - does some cool chem. Some videos are more pyro themed.

mrhomescientist - a lot of cool experiments, some of which describe where to get some OTC chemicals.

Some of these YouTube channels have stopped putting videos up for a while.  As far as I know, these are the ones that have put videos up within the last couple of weeks - NurdRage, myst32YT, ScienceHideout, 655piano, 98JMA, AMchemistry, Basco36, and chemx01.  All of the others have not uploaded videos for a while. I still recommend watching their videos though as they are really good.

Websites to Buy Chemicals

New Horizon Scientific

-Sells to Canada. I don't know if they ship internationally. They have a good selection of chemicals for a decent price.

- They sell many different types of metals for very nice prices. Many of these metals can't be bought elsewhere. They sell metal ingots such as aluminum, antimony, bismuth, cadmium, gallium, indium, lead, magnesium, tin, and zinc.

Elemental Scientific
-They sell many things that you'd never expect to be available to the private citizen, and in smaller quantities. Only downside is that it takes about a month on average to get your order. Even so, they're invaluable.

United Nuclear
- A real ally of the amateur and hobbyist. Maybe a bit pricey for certain things, but a good source nonetheless.

- They have the best prices that I could find on KNO3 and they also sell some nitric acid at around 70% concentration for a much lower price than many other websites.  They sell many other chemicals too such as potassium and sodium hydroxide.

HMS Beagle
- Never bought from them but they seem to have a good selection.

Gallium Source
- Lowest prices on all Alkali and alkaline earth metals. They also sell mercury.

Alpha Chemicals
- Never ordered from them, but they sell in bulk.

Soap Goods
- This is a website that caters to people that make their own soap.  They sell a surprising amount of chemicals including some harder ones to get.  They also have very good prices and fairly low cost shipping.  Some chemicals they sell include potassium and sodium hydroxide, barium carbonate, benzoic acid, oxalic acid, salicylic acid, as well as many others.

- This is perhaps the best possible place to buy both chemicals and glassware, as well as any other laboratory equipment you need.  There are many sellers that sell both used and new glassware, as well as an astounding amount of chemicals.  If you get the timing right, you can get many things for practically free ($0.99).  A good hotplate stirrer will set you back $200 - 300, but I got a very nice one on ebay used for only $20. I also once got a liebig condenser, a 250 ml separatory funnel, and a 75 degree adapter for only $15. A good seller of glassware would be papamed4, a good supplier of anodes/cathodes would be laserred, and for chemicals it's hard to say. Just search for something you might want, then edit the search down to only search for stuff under say $10.

Websites to Buy Glassware


- This website sells only glassware. They have some high quality stuff.  If you buy from them, be sure to get the flasks, condensers, etc. in 24/40 joint size as this is the most common and easily found.  They have low prices compared to many other websites, but it is still very expensive, especially if you want to get a whole set. I got my liebig condenser from here, but all of my flasks and adapters I got from either ebay, or science madness for a much better price.

laboy glass
- I have never bought from them before, but they seem to have a large selection of glass. Again, they are relatively cheap, but still much more expensive than buying it used.

- This is also a good website to get equipment. They sell flasks and condensers, but they don't have a standard joint size, so I wouldn't even bother with them.  They do have very good prices on thermometers though.  I got a nice thermometer that goes from -10 C to 260 C. It is NIST calibrated and is made of all glass. The best thing, it is only $8.  I saw someone on ebay selling this EXACT same thermometer for $30 + $10 shipping, so $8 is a great price. This website requires a minimum order of something like $20 or $30, but it shouldn't be too hard to reach that. I got several thermometers and some ph paper from them.

- Look above.