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Synthesis of Chloroform      -----> Warning: Don't Breath The Fumes   :)


1.42 gallons/ 5.38 liters 6% sodium hypochlorite (bleach)
87.12 grams acetone


This is a pretty simple experiment. First, chill the bleach in the freezer until it reaches anywhere between -5*C to 0*C. Remove around 150 grams of the bleach to make room for the acetone. Take the acetone and pour it into the bleach. Cap and shake. Keep the lid off and let it rest for 1 day. 

It will at first appear milky white from the suspended droplets (almost like milk), but these will eventually settle out. Pour off the supernatant layer. It should be clear. If it is cloudy, then there is still chloroform in it. Pour off as much water as you can, and pour the rest in a sep. funnel.

More to follow as soon as I find my notes on this...